World Whiskey Book & Fire Hose Flask

World Whiskey Book

World Whiskey is your nation-by-nation whiskey bible with more than 700 varieties and top award-winners from around the world. Featuring an up-to-date photograph for each type to aid in recognition, this comprehensive reference guides you through every important distilling nation—from Dewar’s and Macallan in Scotland to Jack Daniel’s and Maker’s Mark in the United States to Amrut and Lammerlaw in Asia and Australia. Its nation-by-nation A to Z format makes it accessible for confirmed whiskey lovers and new converts alike. Tasting notes and information on the factors that contribute to each variety’s unique flavor help you explore and enjoy this distinctive spirit. Learn about every aspect of whiskey production, gain insight into the operation and secrets of featured distilleries, use whiskey tour maps to plan trips around major whiskey-producing regions, and much more. Bound by hand in bonded leather. 352 pages. Dimensions: 8” W x 1.1” D x 9.5” W.

Fire Hose Flask

Recycled fire hose wrapped around an 7 oz. flask! Perfect for firemen, groomsmen or just for good ole’ dad. These are unique gifts they surely haven’t received before and will cherish forever!

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