Fire Hose Flask, Shot Glasses and Fireball Candy Box

Fire Hose Flask

Recycled fire hose wrapped around an 7 oz. flask! Perfect for firemen, groomsmen or just for good ole’ dad. These are unique gifts they surely haven’t received before and will cherish forever!

Acopa 2 oz. Square Shot Glasses (2)

This glass features a unique square design that’s sure to catch your  eye. Compact and easy to store, this shot glass is sure to reliably serve its purpose!

Atomic Fireballs

Fire-eaters, step right up. Atomic Fireballs are the original super-intense cinnamon candy. These mouth-igniting, sweat-inducing sweets give you a red-hot experience that keeps you coming back again and again. We dare you to eat as many candies as you can manage. How much hot can you handle?


SKU # B0002                         $37.45